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Horizons of Psychology :: Psihološka obzorja

Scientific and Professional Psychological Journal of the Slovenian Psychologists' Association

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Instructions for authors 

» Manuscript submission
Authors are encouraged to carefully read these instructions and consult with the 7th Edition of the APA Manual (or APA style summaries on the web) before the manuscript preparation. Submitted manuscripts which will not comply with these instructions will be rejected or reverted to draft after initial review of the editor-in-chief.
» Manuscript types
» Manuscript structure
» Manuscript formatting
» Citing and references

Manuscript submission

New manuscripts are submitted exclusively via the online submission system (the link "Submit a new manuscript" in My Account box on the right). In order to submit an article the author must be a registered user (and signed in to her/his account).

Revisions are also submitted exclusively via the online submission system by clicking on the "Submit revision" link that appears in the table with all of the submitted manuscripts on the page "My submissions" (under the category "Manuscripts with decision").

For a successful submission prepare the following information and files:

* The authors who do not speak Slovene and do not have other means for obtaining a quality translation should ask the editor for help. In such cases, enter the English manuscript title, abstract and keywords into the fields, intended for Slovene title, abstract and keywords.

Copyright Agreement

After the manuscript has been accepted for publication, the authors have to fill out and sign the Copyright Agreement. The signed agreement ensures that the publisher has the authors' permission to publish the manuscript and represents an agreement between the authors and the publisher about sharing the copyright to the manuscript. The agreement can be printed and sent to the editor by ordinary mail or scanned and sent to the editor's e-mail.

Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement

Please carefully read the publication ethics and publication malpractice statement before submitting a manuscript.

Manuscript types ▲ To top

Papers should be written either in Slovene or English language. Scientific papers should be written in economic, intelligible, clear, and concise style. An empirical paper should report original research, presenting all the standard elements of scientific investigation: introduction, method (with standard subchapters, i.e., participants, instruments, procedure), results, discussion, and references). A theoretic paper is expected to examine in detail and critically analyze selected models and/or theories, and empirical data are described only if they are directly related to the theory. A review paper is expected to evaluate previously published work and is typically composed of the following sections: problem definition, summary of previous research, explanation of subject matter inter-relations, contradictions, problems, and suggestions for further research. Meta-analytic study is a particular type of article, based on the established meta-analysis methodology, comparing different empirical investigations addressing a common problem.

Manuscript structure ▲ To top

The manuscript must contain the English and Slovenian version of (the authors who do not speak Slovene and do not have other means for obtaining a quality translation should ask the editor for help):

Because all articles undergo a "double-blind" peer review, the submitted files should not contain any information that could be used to identify the authors (e.g., names and surnames, affiliations, addresses etc.). This information should also be removed from the files' metadata (the authors who do not know how to remove such data should include a comment about that in the process of manuscript submission). All such data is provided by the authors during the manuscript submission process.

A typical empirical paper should be written in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Introduction should not be too extensive, yet it should provide the necessary conceptual framework.
  2. The problem should be clearly and consistently defined, following logically from the introduction. It should be of sufficient relevance and novelty, whereas the new dilemmas opened should be emphasized.
  3. Research hypotheses and variables of interest should be concisely defined; the observation and measurement procedures should be precisely described. A short but accurate description of psychological instruments applied and methodology in general (research design, selection of participants) is mandatory.
  4. Application of statistical techniques and the results should be described in sufficient detail. The tables and figures may only contain essential information (if necessary, details can be presented separately in appendix).
  5. Discussion and interpretation of the findings should refer to the established concepts and theories, regardless of whether they are supported by the findings or not.
  6. Whenever possible, statements should be supported by citing work and findings of other authors, and the list of references should be included at the end of the paper. For ordinary scientific and professional articles, the number of references must not exceed 50.

In general, we recommend the authors to consult the 7th edition of the APA Manual or numerous online summaries of the APA manuscript preparation guidelines. The manuscripts that will not meet the technical standards as defined by the APA Manual and these instructions will be immediately rejected or reverted to draft.

Manuscript formatting ▲ To top

General instructions

Manuscripts should be prepared in line with the 7th edition of the APA Manual. In some cases the Horizons of Psychology guidelines deviate from the APA ones – all such instances are documented in these instructions.

Title page

There is no need for a title page, because the information that is usually included to the title page is provided by the authors during the manuscript submission process.

Tables and figures

Tables and figures should not be included to the main manuscript file – they should be prepared in a separate file and in such order as they appear in the manuscript. Each table or figure should be on a separate page. All tables and figures must be accompanied by a title, formatted in line with the APA guidelines.

Footnotes and endnotes

In general, please avoid the use of footnotes and endnotes. Use them only in cases when the inclusion of a note in the text would substantially disturb the flow of the text.

Some guidelines for reporting results

Citing and references ▲ To top

Citations in the text and the list of references should follow the style used by the American Psychological Association – consult the APA Manual, 7th edition, or numerous online summaries of APA style (e.g. Purdue OWL – APA Style).

Authors do not have to add the DOIs to the references, because they are added by the technical editor in the production phase of the accepted manuscript.

For ordinary scientific and professional articles, the number of references must not exceed 50. More than 50 references are allowed only for scientific review articles.